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MECflexV type volume corrector
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The MECflexV is the most variable, high-performance volume corrector in the MECflex corrector family. Thus the MECflexV can simultaneously process two measuring stream pursuant to MID approval. For one thing, this can create a cost-effective solution; for another, 100% corrector redundancy can be made possible if cabling cross-over is being chosen. This is possible because the MECflexV can process two independent temperature and pressure measurements. Furthermore, a GSM/GPRS modem can be integrated into the corrector housing. Thus the data can be directly transmitted from the ex-zone 1 or ex-zone 2. The MECflexV is approved according to European directives (MID, ATEX, IECEx) and standards (EN 12405).

For more information:
• Brochure
• Product Data Sheet
• MID Certificate
• ATEX Certificate
• Application Questionnaire

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